• Educators Coming Out Day

    Join us and hundreds of courageous educators publicly come out and be proud about supporting and working alongside undocumented students.

  • UWD meets with President Obama

    UWD’s Director of Advocacy Lorella Praeli, met with President Obama, carrying a clear message from thousands of DREAMers and families across the country: #WeCantWait.

  • New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Calls on Obama to Stop Deportations

    Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), member of the Gang of 8, calls on President Obama to grant deportation relief to members of mixed status families that include Dreamers, residents, and U.S. citizens.

  • We Ready, We Coming!

    On February 21-23, 500 UWD leaders convened in under one roof in Phoenix Arizona to strategize, share their stories, and commit to continue fighting to win the freedom our families deserve!

  • UWD Delivers our State of the Dream

    UWD hosted our first ever State of the DREAM, where we outlined the demands of our community, and how the fight for our families is unwavering and as strong as ever.

  • Don’t lose your DACA!

    Join the DACA Renewal Network to be sure you know exactly what to do and when to renew your work permit! Receive customized reminders, updates, and alerts tailored to your case and your expiration date: deadlines, process updates, forms, new help available in your area and more.

  • Help Us Continue Fighting In 2014

    This year, United We Dream led unprecedented actions to advance our fight for justice for our communities. We reunited DREAMers with their mothers at the Arizona border, staged the largest mock citizenship ceremony in the country, and stopped a bus in Arizona set to deport members of our community. Help Us Continue In 2014!

Undocumented and Unafraid! Read Anthony’s story and share your own.

As the immigration debate continues, families are STILL being torn apart by deportations!

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