The DREAM Educational Empowerment Program (DEEP) is a catalyst for educational justice and empowerment for immigrant students. DEEP educates, connects, and empowers immigrant students, parents and educators to close the opportunity gap and engage in local efforts to improve educational equity.

DEEP seeks to lay the groundwork that advances the educational justice movement in the U.S. by focusing resources and research on the needs and realities of immigrant students in order to increase educational attainment rates.

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Tuition Equity For Undocumented Students

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General Resources

Scholarships, Research, Videos, DACA and More

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) & Educators

The following list of resources were created for educators to better help students that may qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

UndocuPeers: Liberating Campus Climate curriculum at your school!

United We Dream’s Dream Educational Empowerment Programs (DEEP) is excited to share our newest initiative-UndocuPeers: Liberating Campus Climate, a four hour interactive ally certification training!

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National Educators Coming Out Day

On April 9th, DEEP Centers coordinated the first inaugural “National Educator’s Coming Out Day” as part of a national effort to encourage educators that currently work with and support undocumented students educational attainment to publically “come out” in support. The purpose of the day was to begin developing the public momentum and narrative associated with undocumented youths educational attainment rates, and to spark conversations with educational institutions on how they can support undocumented student population

Join Unafraid Educators across the country!

Check out the National Educators Coming Out Social Media Toolkit


Tucson Unified School District (AZ)
Sunnyside Unified School District (AZ)
Arizona Hispanic School Administrators Association (AZ)
Northeastern Illinois University
Alamo Colleges
UC Berkeley- Statement by chancellor
University of Austin (TX)
St. Peters University President
American Federation of Teachers


Check out photos from Educators Coming out in support of undocumented students

National Institutions Coming Out Day

To be an unafraid, student, educator and or ally means that we consistently advocate for our right to education through leadership and actions. Join United We Dream’s Dream Educational Empowerment Program on for National Institutions Coming Out Day (NICOD)! On NICOD we will uplift the schools/organizations who are working with and for undocumented students and those who want to begin.

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Educators Conferences

Our DEEP centers host annual educator conferences that engage educators on the rights of undocumented students and their families. The information presented in the conferences range from talking about in-state tuition policies, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, how to create supportive environments and practices for undocumented students and how immigration and education are topics that intersect and affect the educational journey of our students.

We invite you to look at the resources below to learn more about the conferences and join us for one near you. If you are not near a location we encourage you to host one at your school/ within your community!

Download The Educators Conference Toolkit

DEEP Centers

DEEP Centers Functional is defined as affiliate leaders are engaging students, educators, and parents with outreach activities and events on a consistent basis (at least once a month), are developing relationships with schools, are building membership via outreach activities,


FAFSA & DACA-mented Students


I have DACA and I can fill out the FAFSA? Say What! Webinar
I have DACA and I can fill out the FAFSA? Say What! Webinar Powerpoint


UWD Live Presents: Rad Grads – Undocumented Students in Grad School
Grassroots to the Ivory Tower: The Nonprofit Sector and Undocumented Student Access
UWD Live Presents: UndocuPeers – An Interactive Training for Educators
UWD Presents: Back to School – Resources for Undocumented Students and Educators

Education Blogs & Articles

How to guide: Undocumented students & finals week
What undocumented students taught me as a college professor
Uplifting Our Journeys by “Coming Out”
280 Educators & National Educator Unions Call on President Obama to Stop the Raids on Immigrant Families
Democratic Candidates Must Include Undocumented Students in their Higher Education Plans
10 Things I Learned on my Trip to Mexico via Advanced Parole
Undocumented, Unafraid, Graduate: How Many Undocumented Immigrants are Achieving Their Dreams
Scholarships Open to Undocumented Students
2015 Scholarship Opportunities for Dreamers!
6 Scholarship Opportunities for Undocumented Students
Are you ready for college? Eight tips to prepare.
UndocU: Basic Rules & Vocabulary for Applying to College as an Undocumented Student
5 tips for a meaningful educational access event for undocumented students
Congratulations Class of 2014


3 Ways that teachers can be public educator activists & advocates with and for undocumented students
UndocuPeers: Liberating campus climate (curriculum)
DEEP Tuition Equity Map
Activity: Education, Immigration and Identity

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