Your Comprehensive Solution for
DACA and DAPA Implementation

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Our Vision

More than 2.5 years in the making, we created this one-of-a-kind application to supercharge DACA and DAPA implementation programs.

Built and tested by undocumented youth for immigrant community services and engagement - our goal is to help more people and change more lives.

DreamConnect is built to grow: DACA and DAPA today, civic engagement and citizenship tomorrow.

The Bells and Whistles

Keep Data Secure and Centralized

De-Dups and cleans your Data

Low Supervision and Training Time

Integrates with email, sms, and other CRMs

Low Hardware Costs, no special equipment needed

Supports Policy Research & Advocacy

...and introducing our latest innovationDreamConnect X

New Technology to Engage More People with Less Staff Time

Segments and Targets Data

Informs How, When & What to Communicate

Builds Lasting Relationships With Your Community

Set-Up and Training Services: We've Got Your Back!

We can help you develop the right strategy to boost efficiency, empower your teams and make your data come alive. We will also train your staff leaders to manage staff and volunteer teams. Over the last 2.5 years, we've improved technology & methods to bring training & supervision time down and can help you avoid the small problems today which could grow into costly nightmares tomorrow.

Invest in DreamConnect

Your investment will support immigrant youth in bringing their vision to market, provide professional experience to promising young people and support new innovation. Contact Alejandra Ruiz, UWD Development Director, to get in on the action, (347) 554-1148 or [email protected]

Get DreamConnect

After 2.5 years of testing and refining DreamConnect, we are now beta testing a new licensing model with select discovery partners. Additional clients will have access to licenses in the early Fall of 2015. Demonstrations for prospective clients will open August 1, 2015.

DreamConnect X, currently in technological development, will be available to select discovery licensees in the Fall of 2015. Contact Adrian Reyna, UWD Data & Technology Manager for more information, (832) 964-3236