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Statement from the United We Dream Network on First Senate Hearing on the DREAM Act

Dreamers descend on Capitol Hill to say END our Pain and Pass DREAM NOW.

After 10 years of lifting thousands of our stories and moving the nation to support a common sense approach to immigration reform such as the DREAM Act, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) announced the first ever Senate Judiciary hearing in the Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security will be scheduled this week, Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 10AM Eastern.  We applaud Senator Durbin and the Judiciary Committee members for taking this important step in the national conversation around immigration reform and the fate of 2 million immigrant youth who were brought to the US as children, and claim the United States as our only home.

The momentous occasion has inspired hundreds of Dreamers and allies to come to Washington D.C. from June 28 to 29 (events below) to let our elected officials and the nation know, this issue must be resolved immediately! We call on Republicans, and Democrats to not use our issue as a political football and declare June 28th as the spark to bringing relief to American youth who will not rest until fully recognized by the US government as AMERICANS.

As the Senate hears voices from both sides of this issue, we ask Congress to pierce through the partisanship and politics and give us an opportunity to earn our place in the United States.

“We made your language, our language, your history our history, your dreams our dreams, your pains our pains, now let us stand alongside you, not as shadows, but recognized as part of the American social fabric” says  , United We Dream leader Myrna Orozco.

United We Dream will host the following events next week to further amplify our voice, and celebrate this critical moment in the fight for access to college and legal status for immigrant youth across this great nation.

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