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July 11, 2011

Contact: Krista Jensen: 425-445-3414

** Press Conference: Monday, July 11, 1:00 pm PST**

Lawyer for DREAMer Alberto Yanez to Announce Progress in the Campaign to Stop His Deportation
Community Continues their Call on the Obama Administration to
Stop Ripping this Family Apart

Seattle, WA – This week, thousands of people called on the Obama Administration to stop the deportation of a talented young man who would benefit from the DREAM Act. To the relief of his family and friends, the community won a temporary victory and Alberto was not deported. However, this community-led campaign is far from over. The Yanez family attorney will make a major announcement about the Yanez family case and the family and community will announce the next steps in the campaign to keep this family together.

Alberto Yanez came to the U.S. when he was just one year old. He is an American in all but paperwork, an honor roll pharmacy technician student and the parent of 3 U.S. citizen children. Yet Alberto was nearly deported this week by immigration officials who continue to be intent on ripping the Yanez family apart.
A few weeks ago, ICE Director John Morton issued updated guidance to the field restating the agency’s enforcement priorities, and outlining the factors that ICE agents and attorneys should consider when determining how to handle a particular deportation case. The Morton memo explicitly states that the agency should consider whether an individual meets the agency’s enforcement priorities before carrying out a deportation.

Alberto and his mother clearly meet the criteria of relief outlined in the memo. On Monday, July 11th, Alberto will share his story with members of the press and plead with the President to direct his Administration to keep his family together. Other family members, Alberto’s attorney and immigration advocates will explain the status of the case and call on the Obama Administration to provide relief.

Krista Jensen, Advisor, Washington DREAM Act Coalition
Erica Schommer, Rios & Cruz, P.S., Attorney for Yanez family
Alberto Yanez, DREAM Act eligible student nearly deported this week
Jonathan Yanez, US Citizen, Alberto’s Brother
Maha Jahshan, OneAmerica Youth Leader
Richard Hartwell, Founder

Family Friends, Legal Experts, and Advocates Call on Obama Administration to Stop the Deportation of WA Family
Monday, July 11th
1:00 pm PST
Seattle Offices of Rios & Cruz, Attorneys at Law
811 First Avenue, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98014


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