United We Dream Network: “DREAMers Expect Washington to Deliver Citizenship for New Americans”

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After his press conference, the  White House clarified that the President agrees with our bottom line that immigration reform must include a roadmap to citizenship.  The message to Republican leaders should be clear enough – it is time to get with the program and come to the table in immigration reform.”


Marisol Valero, Communications Director of the United We Dream Network, the largest network of immigrant youth led organizations in the country issued the following statement after President Barack Obama’s press conference today:

“Today, the President said that Congress should put into law his decision to temporarily halt the deportation of DREAMers – we agree.  He also said that he expects Congress to work on immigration reform early next year and DREAMers look forward to making our voices heard in that debate.”

“But we want to make it clear to all leaders in Washington that DREAMers are committed to winning citizenship for DREAMers and our entire communities.  This support was reflected among voters on Election Day last week – a poll by ABC News & the Washington Post found that a majority of all voters support  a pathway to citizenship for us and our communities and another poll by Lake Research Partners found  strong support for President Obama’s decision to stop deporting DREAMers including 60% of independents and even 35% of Republicans.”

“900,000 DREAMers are expected to apply for our new Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program over the next two years and according to the polling firm Latino Decisions, 50,000 U.S. born Latinos – our cousins, siblings and friends – become eligible to vote every month.  The demand in the growing Latino, Asian and all immigrant communities for politicians to deliver citizenship is only going to get stronger and that demand is supported by the majority of Americans.”

“Republican leaders made a choice to kill the DREAM Act in 2010 and their party lost the White House in November.  Now, leaders from both parties should be on notice that DREAMers stand ready to work with any legislator who sincerely fights to create a roadmap to citizenship for us and the 11 million undocumented Americans but we also stand ready to campaign hard against those who stand in the way of our dreams.”

For more information, and to interview members of United We Dream, please contact Rafael Noboa y Rivera, (202) 455-4673, raf@fitzgibbonmedia.com or Marisol Valero, (281) 806-0170, marisol@unitedwedream.org



United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led network in the nation with 47 affiliates in over 25 states that organize and advocate for access to higher education and legal status for all.

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