CAMBIO Rejects H.R. 2278, The “SAFE” Act

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WASHINGTON – CAMBIO, the Campaign for an Accountable, Moral, Balanced Immigration Overhaul, has declared its non-negotiable opposition to H.R. 2278, the SAFE Act. All members of the CAMBIO campaign are unified in this opposition and are committed to defeating the SAFE Act — and any other legislation that seeks to include it.

Learn more about CAMBIO’s opposition to the SAFE Act through our new infographic.

CAMBIO represents a variety of organizations committed to ensuring federal immigration reform restores and expands due process protections and fairness in the country’s immigration system.

CAMBIO’s blanket rejection of the SAFE Act, centers on the following unacceptable elements in this bill:

  • Rather than ending the indefinite and arbitrary detention of immigrants, H.R. 2278 exponentially expands it. It’s not fair and it’s not right. And it would waste millions of taxpayer dollars.
  • Rather than banning racial profiling by federal, state and local police and law enforcement agencies, the SAFE Act encourages it.
  • Rather than ensuring that judges are able to weigh all the circumstances of a case – seriousness of an offense, a defendant’s age, and the time they’ve already served – before making a judgment, it ties the hands of justice.

“Proponents of this hateful piece of legislation have forgotten that discrimination and racial profiling go against our shared American values,” said Cristina Jimenez, managing director of United We Dream, a CAMBIO member organization. “We’re here today to make it clear that if this is the type of ‘reform’ the House is offering, we will not accept it. DREAMers will not accept proposals that would lead to mass detentions, deportations, and abuses.”

Similar to notoriously anti-immigrant laws in Arizona and Alabama, the SAFE Act charges local law enforcement with enforcing federal immigration laws. Prominent members of law enforcement and faith communities have echoed the concerns raised by CAMBIO.

In a statement, the Major Cities Chiefs Association warned that such legislation would “undermine the trust and cooperation between police officers and the immigrant community.”

The House is expected to address the SAFE Act, along with other enforcement-only pieces of legislation, this fall. Like the majority of Americans, CAMBIO supports immigration reform that includes a road to citizenship for 11 million aspiring citizens.

CAMBIO is a diverse group of organizations advocating for laws and policies that create a fair system for immigrants to become citizens; bans indefinite detention; guarantees due process for everyone in the United States; makes enforcement systems accountable; protects civil and human rights; encourages a better border to protect the quality of life in the borderlands, prevents the abuse of vulnerable Americans; and keeps families together.

CAMBIO’s members include the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU Regional Center for Border Rights, the Border Network for Human Rights, Detention Watch Network, National Day Laborer Organizing Network, National Domestic Workers Alliance, the National Guestworker Alliance, the National Immigration Law Center, Rights Working Group, Southern Border Communities Coalition, Immigrant Justice Network, Northern Borders Coalition, and United We Dream.

More information about CAMBIO can be found on the web at and on Twitter @CAMBIOtoday.

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