UWD Outraged at Speaker Boehner’s Lack of Leadership: Stop Playing Political Games with our Lives

United We Dream Press Releases

United We Dream, the first and largest immigrant youth-led network in the country, condemns Speaker John Boehner’s excuse for blocking a vote on immigration reform in the House of Representatives: that the President is lax on immigration enforcement. The fact is that President Obama has inflicted more pain on immigrant families than any other President in history.  United We Dream Managing Director Cristina Jimenez, said:

“We’re tired of empty promises. It took Republican leadership all of one week after releasing their immigration “principles” to dredge up their tired excuse for blocking immigration reform.  The immigrant community can see right through their political games and we won’t stand for them.  The GOP continues to play games with our lives and our communities.  We will not accept their continued inaction.

President Obama’s administration is responsible for almost 2 million deportations and the inhumane separation of countless families.  More than any other president before him, he has aggressively detained and deported hard-working immigrants and members of our communities.  So far, Republicans have sided with anti-immigrant extremist Representative Steve King vote to defund the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and deport DREAMers.  They’ve shown their true colors, releasing vague principles, stalling on actual legislation, and playing political games with our lives.   Blaming President Obama for not enforcing immigration law is outrageous.  Obama, the Deporter-in-Chief, has wreaked havoc in our communities, deporting nearly 2 million men and women building their lives and pursuing their dreams here.

Speaker Boehner’s latest political excuses will only ramp up our calls on both President Obama to halt deportations and on the House GOP to stop playing games and give us a vote.  The two demands are not mutually exclusive but complementary. For President Obama to deport people who would be legalized and on a path to citizenship under legislation he supports is hypocritical.  For Speaker Boehner to blame President Obama is nonsensical and counterproductive.  They both need to act and if they don’t, they’ll have DREAMers and Latino voters to answer to.

We know that victory for our communities is coming. President Obama can see the writing on the wall and has already said that if legislative reform stalls, he’s willing to look at any and all available options.  Like we won the Deferred Action Policy and like we forced the DREAM Act onto the Congressional agenda, DREAMers and our families will win relief for our families this year.  The only question is whether Speaker Boehner chooses to become part of the solution.  United We Dream and our communities will not stop fighting until we win citizenship — the ultimate protection from deportation — for our families.


United We Dream is the first and largest immigrant youth-led network in the nation with 51 affiliate organizations in 25 states that organize and advocate for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and families, regardless of immigration status. UWD’s current priority is to win citizenship for the entire undocumented community and end senseless abuses and deportations.