United We Dream Outraged at House GOP’s Move to Roll Back Deferred Action for DREAMers

United We Dream Press Releases

Today, the House GOP plans to vote on the so-called ENFORCE Act (HR 4138) and Faithful Execution of the Law Act (HR 3973), both intended to limit the President’s ability to use executive authority on a range of issues, including immigration. The latest development in the Congressional charade around immigration makes it perfectly clear that not only has the House GOP obstructed any legislative progress, but they also continue to take steps to undo the deferred action program, a major accomplishment for our movement and a critical policy providing protection from deportation and work permits for DREAMers.

Maria Fernanda Cabello, a DACA recipient and Organizer at United We Dream, the largest immigrant-youth led network in the country, said:

“At every turn, it’s clear that the House Republican leadership is hell-bent on doing damage to the immigrant community and subjecting our families to ongoing fear, exploitation, and suffering. Instead of seizing the opportunity to move immigration reform forward, Speaker Boehner and his caucus engage in a “death by delay” strategy, coming up with an endless list of political excuses to avoid action. Now they’re moving in the opposite direction by once again seeking to undo the deferred action program that has protected hundreds of thousands of young immigrants like myself from deportation and given us a chance to pursue our professional aspirations and support our families. President Obama has the authority to stop senseless deportations and we’re going to continue to insist that he does. And we won’t let him or leaders in Congress off the hook for their complicity in the moral crisis the immigrant community faces.”