North Carolina Dreamers to Hillary Clinton: Will You Stand With Dreamers and Demand President Obama to Stop Deporting our Parents?

United We Dream Press Releases

October 26, 2014

Clinton continues dodging Dreamers, stands instead with Deportation Party
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Nine Dreamers from North Carolina confronted former Senator Hillary Clinton during a campaign speech for Sen. Kay Hagan, demanding that she stand with parents of Dreamers and urge President Obama to use his executive authority to provide deportation relief to parents of Dreamers and millions of immigrants without further delay.

Oliver Merino, a Dreamer from Charlotte and member of the Dream Organizing , issued the following statement,

“As a potential presidential candidate in 2016, the Latino and immigrant communities need to know whether Hillary Clinton stands with our parents. And unfortunately, she again refused to answer whether she supports the President using his executive authority to protect people like my mother, and the parents of Dreamers across the country, and we demand an answer.”

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“Our message was clear: If Hillary Clinton hopes to be President, she should know that we will not allow her to use our parents as pawns in a political game. Instead, she must do everything within her power to protect them. My mother sacrificed everything for me, and she shouldn’t have to continue living in perpetual fear of being torn from her family.”

“Moving forward, the President, with the support from Democratic leaders like Hillary Clinton, must act for our community in a significant way, by providing relief from deportation to millions of immigrants including parents of Dreamers. In doing so, his action will define the Democratic Party for generations. Our community needs leaders, like Hillary Clinton, to lead courageously and take a strong stand for our parents and immigrant families. They must demand administrative relief for millions of immigrants including parents of Dreamers.”