UWD & Legal Experts Define Success: Presidential Executive Action Must Be Broad, Bold and Inclusive

United We Dream Press Releases

October 29, 2014

United We Dream & Legal Experts Define Success: Presidential Executive Action Must Be Broad, Bold and Inclusive

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As stories are released that President Obama is finalizing plans for executive actions on immigration, United We Dream demanded that the President takes action, be bold and inclusive when using his executive authority, and that any administrative relief must include parents of all Dreamers and laid out details of the legal authority he has to do it.

Cristina Jimenez, managing director of United We Dream, issued the following statement, “United We Dream is escalating our campaign to get the President to immediately deliver on his commitment to stop deporting millions of our family members, friends and neighbors. The President likes to go big on immigration rhetoric, but we insist that he be unapologetic and big on results. After a string of broken promises by the President, immigrant youth are taking nothing for granted. We will lift up the stories of our family members who still live at risk of deportation, and demand that the President be broad and inclusive when using his executive authority, and that any relief package must include parents, siblings and families of choice or circumstance, including our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.”

Marielena Hincapié, Executive Director, National Immigration Law Center added, “President Obama has a historical opportunity to restore certainty and stability in our communities, but he will only succeed if he acts boldly to provide deportation relief to all those who have ties to the United States. This must include all members of the family: all parents, including those whose children have benefitted from DACA, as well as the younger brothers and sisters of those with DACA, and spouses. It also must include those whose roots may not stretch as deeply as other immigrants, but are planted just as firmly.”

In talking about the President’s legal authority, Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, Esq., Samuel Weiss Faculty Scholar Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Center for Immigrants Rights Clinic Penn State Law said, “Prosecutorial discretion in immigration law is a long accepted principle and has been exercised long before DACA to individuals and groups. The legal authority for applying prosecutorial discretion to groups and individuals is grounded in the Constitution and any decision by the Administration to include or exclude certain groups will be a policy choice not a legal one. I trust and hope that the Administration will review the recommendations provided by DOJ and DHS with a sound understanding for its legal authority.”

Diego Mariaca, a DACA-mented Dreamer from Virginia also said, “My mother made a sacrifice that any mother would make for their child when she decided to leave Bolivia to allow my brother and I to live out our dreams. But she has dreams too, and she deserves the same opportunities that I have received from Deferred Action. My mother should not live in fear her entire life. We have made Virginia our home for 14 years and my mother continues to work hard, and like millions of immigrants across the country, deserves relief from deportation.”

Finally, Ingrid Vaca, Diego’s mother, and an undocumented immigrant from Virginia added that President Obama’s imminent action on immigration,”Would provide me an opportunity to get a better job, and I can get a driver’s license so I can drive without fear of being pulled over by a cop. President Obama promised action on immigration and he’s already delayed that promise. President Obama: we need action now. Our families can’t wait any more. We will not take anymore broken promises. This is our home. Our community and our families deserve justice.”