After Tireless Campaign by Immigrant Youth and Families, President Obama To Announce Plan to Provide Relief from Deportation to Millions of Immigrants

United We Dream Press Releases

November 20, 2014
Contact: Mario Carrillo | | 915.449.6463

Nearly 5 million protected from deportation, and there is more work to be done

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama is scheduled to announce major changes to immigration policy tonight. In response to details released by the White House today, United We Dream Managing Director Cristina Jimenez issued the following statement:

“Tonight, history will be made.”

“With the President’s announcement, nearly 5 million undocumented people will finally be able to come forward, be protected from deportation, work legally and live without fear.

“It is a victory all Americans can be proud of and is a big step forward for immigration reform. It advances the vision of an inclusive America where those who call this country home can achieve their American dream.”

“For United We Dream, this isn’t about politics, it is about a promise we made to each other and our families to fight for justice. This historic victory is proof that when individual people come together, we can move past the gridlock in Washington and make change happen.

“Today’s victory is tremendous, but to be real, it is incomplete. Millions of Dreamers have siblings who have U.S. citizenship or green cards so their parents will qualify for this new program – and hundreds of thousands more Dreamers will now be eligible for protection . But too many of our parents, LGBTQ brothers and sisters and friends were left out. United We Dream doesn’t agree with that decision and we are determined to fight for their protection. Our community sticks together.”

“This is a long-term struggle. We will continue organizing until our entire community can come forward and enjoy the full rights of citizenship.”

“That is what the majority of Americans want and today, we are one step closer to that realizing that dream.”