The Day After: Rep. Steve King’s (R-IA) Offensive Rhetoric Continues to Drive the GOP Immigration Platform

United We Dream Press Releases

January 21, 2015

GOP Moves Forward With Hardline Border Enforcement Bill Today, Holds Firm on Votes for Mass Deportations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Before last night’s State of the Union, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) again publicly showcased his disdain for the immigrant community by referring to a Dreamer seated beside First Lady Michelle Obama during the State of the Union Address as “a deportable” in a tweet.

After the GOP completely omitted immigration from its official response, King’s latest comments again prove the long road Republicans face in regaining any credibility with the immigrant community.

Cristina Jimenez, Managing Director of United We Dream, issued the following statement,

“King’s comment isn’t just an offensive rant from someone in the cheap seats, but instead is the perspective that is driving GOP immigration policy. Combined with the GOP’s voting record, his comments also undermine any efforts Republicans will make to reach out to Latino and immigrant communities.”

“The House today will mark up a bill to pour millions of dollars into militarizing the border and criminalizing our communities and follows vote after vote to deport Dreamers and families like mine.”

“The GOP’s Spanish language response to the State of the Union included platitudes about immigration but as usual, those sentiments bear no resemblance to the actual GOP agenda, on which Rep. Steve King keeps a firm grip.”

“But let’s be clear. Our communities and our families remain resolute, and we remain committed to protecting our victory, and the millions of people who will benefit from deferred action. We’ve proven it with DACA, a program that now benefits more than 600,000, we will prove it again when people like my mom and dad are protected from deportation and yet again when we win full rights and justice for every undocumented immigrant in our community.”

“Our country has taken two big steps forward on immigration and we will succeed in ensuring that Rep. Steve King fails in his effort to drag us backwards.”