Connecticut Student Eric Cruz Lopez Arrested At White House Protest of Immigration Raids

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – Today, 14 activists from across the country were arrested in front of the White House in protest of the Obama Administration’s reprehensible treatment of immigrants and refugees. Those arrested were joined by many others who braved the cold and rain to make their voices heard.

Declaring that Obama “has blood on his hands,” the protesters held 83 crosses to symbolize those who have died after being deported back to the lands from which they have fled. Today’s protest was organized by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) in collaboration with community  groups (full list below).

Cruz Lopez and the members of United We Dream are engaged in a campaign to pressure the Administration to take action now on 5 core demands to provide immediate relief for our families.

Eric Cruz Lopez, a student with DACA who works with UWD affiliate Connecticut Students for a Dream who was arrested at the White House today said:

“…It is time for President Obama and all Democratic leaders to stop claiming to be pro-immigrant while inflicting terror on our communities with raids, deportations, and inhumane detention policies.”

“Minors do not just leave their countries of origin and cross national borders on a fun day trip. Like a student we work with named Cesar, who fled Guatemala escaping gangs and violence … but instead of finding safe haven he was locked up in an inhumane detention center for over a month and lives today in fear of a government determined to hunt him down.”

“In Connecticut, I and the leaders of Connecticut Students for a Dream try to teach these young people and families about their rights and what they can do to stay safe so that they can protect themselves. But certain school districts won’t let us give them the information.”

“It is now time for leaders in my state to stop pretending that they aren’t complicit in this terror. Your decision to withhold information from our community make you complicit in this terror.”

“I am taking a stand for myself and my family and  for the kids in my community who want nothing more than to be just be students and live a normal life free from fear.”

Special appreciation to our allies at the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) for organizing today’s powerful action in collaboration with We Are CASA, Junta for Progressive Action, Inc, USEU, New Day Christian Church, Connecticut Students for a Dream, Dreamers Mothers in Action, UltraViolet, Center for Community Change, Alianza Americas, The General Board of Church and Society, Washington Lawyer’s Committee, CARECEN, CISPES, DREAMers of Virginia, Dreamer’s Moms, ActionAid USA, Washington Peace Center, United We Dream and more.