“Fearless Four” DACA Recipients Stand Up to Anti-Immigrant Judge

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC and Oklahoma City, OK – Today, four courageous immigrant youth stepped up to defend the privacy and safety of over 50,000 immigrant youth targeted by Judge Andrew Hanen.

The National Immigration Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Texas will file a writ of mandamus with the Federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of Angelica Villalobos, Juan Escalante and two other individuals.  The writ is expected to seek to squash or delay an outrageous order by Hanen to get his hands on the addresses and personal information of about 50,000 teenagers, young people and their families.

On a press call today, Angelica Villalobos, a mother of four whose personal information was demanded by Judge Andrew Hanen said:

“For the past three years, I’ve chosen to come out of the shadows, to be an active member in the immigrants’ rights community with Dream Act Oklahoma, an affiliate group of United We Dream.

“It is one thing for me to make the decision to share my name and my personal story to the public to improve the lives of my community and fight for what’s right. It is an entirely separate matter for personal information on me, my kids and my family, to be shared with someone else against my will. The four of us, have chosen to stand up to Judge Hanen, because what he’s doing is wrong. We aren’t going to tolerate his hate!”

Greisa Martinez, Advocacy Director of United We Dream added:

“Judge Hanen has made a name for himself by lashing out at people like me. In fact, he was hand-picked by a group of politicians to delay the implementation of the DAPA program which could benefit my mom and millions of others.”

“Now, Judge Hanen has decided to go after immigrant youth too. We are so proud of the Fearless Four, who are courageously standing up to this bully in order to protect our community.  Our message to Judge Hanen and all who embrace the anti-immigrant sentiment is this— we have come too far, we won’t turn around. We are here to stay.”