Escondido, CA – Immigrant Youth and Allies To Hold Press Conference at Escondido Police Department On National Day of Action To Prevent Deportations & Protect Immigrants and Refugees

United We Dream Press Releases

Saturday January 14th @10AM

Escondido, CA– On Saturday, immigrant youth leaders and allies will hold a press conference at Escondido Police Department to shed light to the collaboration between ICE and local police happening in Escondido and affirm that we are ready to organize and create the coalitions needed to win local victories that will help our communities thrive. The event is part of a national day of action to prevent deportations by preserving the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, winning local policy changes at the state and city level and creating sanctuary spaces in churches and schools to protect immigrants and refugees.

In nearly 50 cities across the country, immigrants and people of conscience of all backgrounds will raise their voice to declare that they will stand in the way of deportations, racial profiling, criminalization and hatred.

President-Elect Trump’s picks for his administration include some of the most extreme anti-immigrant politicians.  His rhetoric on the campaign trail vilifying immigrants, women, Muslims and the LGBTQ community is soon to be turned into a reality as he approaches inauguration.  North County San Diego, particularly Escondido, has a history of anti-immigrant policies and attitudes., but this Saturday we will unite to say we are #HereToStay and will not be moved.

Who: San Diego Dream Team, United We Dream and community members wearing orange #HereToStay shirts

What: Press Conference

Where: Escondido Police Department | 1163 Centre City Parkway, Escondido CA 92026

Visuals: “We Stand Together to Protect Immigrants and Refugees” banner, #HereToStay posters