Immigrant Youth to Trump: Don’t Mess With DACA, Don’t Terrorize Immigrants

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – Today, Donald Trump was sworn is as the next President of the United States after leading a campaign of division, racism and hatred. Trump’s remarks were a nationalist call to arms to dehumanized and criminalize immigrants and people of color.  They were devoid of specifics when it came to the future 750,000 immigrants able to work, study, drive and live with a level of normalcy and stability because of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, his intent to lead the mass deportation of immigrant families or create a racist Muslim registry.

Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director and Co-Founder of United We Dream issued the following statement / dijo:

Today, the most anti-immigrant candidate was sworn in as President of the United States. And today, a powerful and courageous opposition movement enters a new phase in the fight to uphold our values of diversity, love, equity and opportunity.

Our message to Donald Trump is that we are #HereToStay. We call on the new President and General John Kelly, the next Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, to preserve the DACA program and to back away from his threats to terrorize and mass deport our communities. To back away from the threats to create a Muslim registry and to back away from threats to increase racial profiling and criminalization of people of color.

Immigrant youth, our families and our allies fought to win the DACA program and we will fight to defend it; we will do all that we must to protect our families and communities. Your threats and hatred will not take us back to the shadows or render us silent.

My brother has a work permit and is protected from deportation because of the DACA program — just like three quarters of a million other immigrant youth who have been able to support themselves and their families. DACA beneficiaries have each paid thousands of dollars in fees for the benefits it provides — they have purchased homes, earned higher paying jobs, invested in their communities and graduated from universities. The program works and should be preserved.

Last weekend, in 70 events across the country, immigrants and people of conscience from all backgrounds gathered together to declare that they are united to protect  immigrants and refugees. We declared that we were standing up for women, for black people and for Muslims. Tomorrow, we continue our commitment to fight for one another as we march with our sisters and countless fearless women in cities from coast to coast.

This is just the beginning, we are mobilizing in states, cities, schools and churches to create sanctuaries of safety where immigrants can live and where we can thrive.

We are #HereToStay and we will continue to fight.

Nuestro mensaje a la nueva administración es que Aquí Estamos Y No Quedamos. Lucharemos para defender a nuestra gente y nuestra victoria – DACA.  Nuestra comunidad continuará organizando para defender y proteger a nuestras comunidades.  Y estamos comprometidos a avanzar un visión del país que sea inclusiva, donde exista justicia, seguridad y dignidad para todos.