Deyanira — DACA & Us

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Having to call my mother the day of the elections was one of the hardest moments of my life. I remember needing to hear her voice more than anything, but also feeling like I had to be strong for her. As I waited for her to answer the rings felt eternal, and when she did we both dance around the issue. I could hear the hurt in her voice the tears she was holding back and my voice quivered as I told her we would be okay. The truth is , I did not know we would be okay, but I wanted her to believe it. I wanted to be able to protect her from all the hate and pain she was experiencing. I will not lie, I also felt the hate, but the pain I saw my mother experienced reminded me of why I continue to fight.

My mothers’ pain during the month of November was not unique to her, our entire community was feeling the same way and when January came along our biggest fears became reality. We saw our communities being torn apart by ICE agents and the administration’s push for mass deportation and detention. This is what our community is really facing. This is the reality of our fathers, mothers, brothers, sister and friends. But this does not mean that our communities will not find ways to thrive and continue being with their loved ones. The community is build up of people like my mother who are resilient, warriors, and filled with love.

I continued to fight for our communities. I fight for the vision and hope of liberation for the undocumented community. My mother and my loved ones deserve a life without fear and with dignity and I will not stop fighting until all of the undocumented community are liberated.