Immigrant Youth Condemn Latest Republican Attack on DACA, Vow to Protect the Vital Program Because “We Are #HereToStay!”

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – Today, immigrant youth condemn Republican Attorneys General for attacking the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and threatening a lawsuit against the program.

DACA has existed for five years and has been a life-changing victory for 800,000 young people and their families with thousands more joining every month. Since 2012, this vital program, won by immigrant youth themselves, is under increasing assault from anti-immigrant extremists.

Greisa Martinez, Advocacy Director at United We Dream Action, and a DACA beneficiary, said:

“It’s outrageous and wrong for these far-right Republican politicians to attack immigrant youth and DACA, a program that has worked incredibly well for the past five years. Trump has said that immigrant youth should rest easy, but our lives and our families are in danger when DACA is continually attacked and threatened and when his agents raid our homes.

“For our community, we want them to know that the DACA program continues to be in place at this time.

“And make no mistake, we will organize and fight to defend, preserve and protect DACA. We call on all people of conscience to speak out in favor of protecting immigrant youth, our families, and our communities. The racist agenda must be stopped.

“There is absolutely no reason why this country should put 800,000 young people, myself included,  into the deportation pipeline. This is our home and we are here to stay!”


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