Republican Anti-Immigrant Bills Are About One Thing: Racism

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – United We Dream released the following statement condemning the two new anti-immigrant bills Republicans are pushing to terrorize communities of color.  The two bills sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) will be voted on by the House today.

Greisa Martinez, Advocacy Director at United We Dream Action, said:

“Republicans have blocked every opportunity for immigration reform, citizenship and equal rights for decades. Their focus has been to cause more pain for communities of color, to divide our country, to lock more of us away in immigrant detention camps or prisons, rip families apart and to deport millions of us. Now House Speaker Paul Ryan and his party are doubling down on their attacks by giving Trump more ammunition to impose his racist agenda and mass deportation force on all of us.”

“This is a test of the morality of all Members of Congress, including Democrats: will they follow Trump’s racist dog whistle or stand up for all people and oppose it?”

“The purpose of these bills is to terrorize Latinos and black and brown families. It is impossible to target just one part of families like mine, where some are undocumented, others are American Citizens or have a Green Card. This is a clear attack against all of us.”

“We are #heretostay, ready to resist. And we are calling on every single American whose relatives or friends are immigrants, to demand that elected officials create politics that protect all of us, our values and help families thrive.”