Senator Kamala Harris Models Leadership

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – In a Congressional hearing yesterday, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) pointedly and repeatedly asked Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly to explain agency policies which state that DHS would withhold terrorism prevention funding from local jurisdictions which refuse to participate in Trump’s racially motivated mass deportation plan.

But under intense questioning from Senator Harris, Secretary Kelly said that the Agency would make exceptions for local jurisdictions where voters or elected officials decide that local law enforcement under their control will not serve as Trump deportation agents. Kelly said that the Agency regularly works with local jurisdictions “under the radar” and that he does not “make threats to people.”

Sen. Harris’ questioning came on the same day that United We Dream leaders confronted Sec. Kelly in the hallways of Congress on his agents’ attacks on DACA beneficiaries. UWD leaders are on Capitol Hill again today demanding answers.

Greisa Martinez, Advocacy and Policy Director for United We Dream and DACA beneficiary said,

“As an immigrant woman, I was proud to see Sen. Kamala Harris show strong leadership yesterday and demand answers that could very well mean the difference between staying together or being ripped apart for families like mine.

“With Trump in the White House, immigration agents running rampant through our communities in race-based witch hunts and congressional cowardice in holding the Trump administration accountable, it is up to states and local communities to enact policies to keep their residents safe.

“Our communities are under siege and immigrants, people of color, workers, women and LGBTQ people demand courage from elected officials. We know peace and justice for immigrants is possible and will continue to fight to make it a reality.”