Trump’s Muslim Ban, Mass Deportation & Stop & Frisk Obsessions Are About The Same Thing: Racism

United We Dream Press Releases

San Antonio, TX – Today,  the Supreme Court decided to hear oral arguments in the Fall against Trump’s racist and dangerous Muslim Ban, only allowing a sliver part of the ban to remain in the meantime.

Julieta Garibay, Campaigns Director for United We Dream said,

“The Muslim ban is another attack on immigrants and people of color by the Trump administration, designed to advance his racist agenda and cast suspicions on people of color.  Whether he is pushing policies or tweeting, it’s clear that Trump’s one obsession is restricting the movement, freedoms, and happiness of Black and brown people.”

 “Today’s Court decision is just round one of this fight and we will continue the fighting until there is #NoMuslimBanEver and until all people demonized by Trump can be safe and thrive.”