Houston Immigrants & Allies Demand Harris County Commissioners Sue Against SB 4

United We Dream Press Releases


Houston, TX – Today, United We Dream members joined others from across Harris County to urge Commissioners to vote to move the County to enter a lawsuit against the racist SB 4 law. SB 4 forces local police to be enlisted into Trump’s deportation force and would enable racial profiling of millions of brown and Black people across the state.

Commissioner Rodney Ellis made a motion to bring forth the vote, but his motion died due to lack of support from either Commissioners Jack Morman, R. Jack Cagle, or Steve Radack. A community member was removed after calling on the Commissioners to take action.

You can see video of testimony here and the removal here.

Daniel Candelaria, Advocacy Organizer with United We Dream Houston, said:

“Today, brown and Black leaders and people of conscience from across Harris County came together to urge our County Commissioners to take a clear stand in protecting Texas families by suing against the racist SB 4.  The Commissioners did not support Commissioner Ellis’ motion to vote to sue but we know that our community, who moved the City of Houston to take action after much pressure, is on the right side of history. We will continue to face our elected officials and demand that our bodies no longer be incarcerated and deported. This is our home, we are here to stay, and we will continue to organize to transform Harris County.