Immigrant Youth Go to Texas AG Paxton’s Church to Defend DACA Program

United We Dream Press Releases

Plano, TX – Yesterday morning, undocumented immigrant youth and allies from across Texas rallied at Prestonwood Baptist Church to raise the alarm over TX Attorney General Ken Paxton’s threat to file a lawsuit to kill the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Paxton’s move would leave 800,000 immigrant youth without jobs and would put them in the deportation pipeline.

Because of Paxton, the clock is ticking on the DACA program. September 5th is the deadline that Attorney General Ken Paxton and 9 other right wing politicians have given Trump to end the DACA program. This means that there are merely days left to save this vital protection. DACA is now in immediate danger and the lives of 800,000 young immigrants are on the line.

Out of a refusal to succumb to Paxton’s hateful tactics, immigrant youth from United We Dream affiliates including the North Texas Dream Team in Metro Dallas, University Leadership Initiative from Austin and United We Dream Houston, brought the moral question to Prestonwood Baptist congregants on Sunday. And on August 15th, immigrant youth will take action in Austin to bring this message once again to Ken Paxton.

You can see video here and here. See pictures here, here and here.

Damaris Gonzalez, DACA beneficiary, Houston resident, and Leader with United We Dream Houston, said:

“Ken Paxton is working to scapegoat immigrants and we call on people of conscience across the country to condemn his attack on a program that has made it possible for over 800,000 young people like me, and our families, to live with physical and emotional security. Texas is our home and we are Here to Stay!”

Yunuen Alvarado, DACA Beneficiary and Austin resident, Leader with University Leadership Initiative, said:

“Paxton has tried to distance himself from the consequences of his actions but we are here to make it clear that if he had his way, we would be put in direct and very real risk of deportation. To Paxton, I say, we’re not going anywhere and we will continue to expose him for his attacks on our humanity.”

Janet Martinez, DACA beneficiary, Dallas resident, and Leader with North Texas Dream Team, said:

“As someone who grew up learning the teachings of Jesus Christ, I know that Paxton’s work to deport people like me and my family is not Christian. Faith leaders across the country must take a clear stance against racism and xenophobia and reject the exploitation of places of worship by self-serving extremist politicians who abuse the pulpit for political gain. I know that while Prestonwood attendees yelled at us to, “Deport them all!” that my true Christian brothers and sisters know that this is not the spirit of Christ. As a Texan, I will continue my fight to protect DACA from the racist agendas of my state because this is my home, and I am here to stay.”