U.S. Attorney General Tries to Bully Albuquerque Police Into Joining Trump Deportation Force

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Today, in an attempt to bully localities into enrolling in Trump’s deportation machine, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session sent a letter to Albuquerque’s Police Chief, Gordon Eden, threatening loss of federal funding unless he agrees to direct his police department to directly collaborate with immigration agents. The policy being pushed by Sessions has been proven to erode community trust with the police, make communities less safe and result in terrorized immigrant families.

Gabriela Hernandez, Southwest Organizer for United We Dream and Director for the NM Dream Team, said:

“Immigrant youth call on Albuquerque’s Police Chief, Gordon Eden, to say NO to Jeff Sessions’s demand that Albuquerque police become a part of Trump’s deportation force.

“Sessions’s racist vision is for immigrants to have no protection and be in constant fear of deportation agents – it is a vision of terror for families like mine.  That’s why he’s tried to kill the DACA program and that’s why he’s threatened to cut federal funding unless Albuquerque bows to his orders.

“As the movement of elected officials fighting to protect our families grows, Chief Eden must stand firm alongside the very people he was sworn to protect; and that includes tens of thousands of immigrants and people of color who are at the core of our city!

“We will continue to organize with our families and our community on August 15th, when we will take the streets to protect the vital DACA and TPS programs and fight for welcoming cities where all people of color, immigrants, refugees, and LGBTQIA+ folks can live without fear and thrive.”

Yazmin Irazoqui-Ruiz, Field Organizer for the NM Dream Team, said:

In these times of continuous attack by the Trump regime, the NM Dream Team reminds the community that now more than ever it is crucial to plug into the fight for our families. They can do so by making sure they Know Their Rights, by calling on their local officials to fight alongside our immigrant families and to stay up-to-date with the latest in immigration by texting the word FightBack to 877-877.

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