Report of Shameful White House Plan to Use Anguish of Immigrant Youth to Pass Anti-Immigrant Wish List

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – Today, news broke that staff in the Trump White House are working with far right wing Members of Congress on a strategy to force an anti-immigrant wish list of policies onto a proposal to protect some immigrant youth.

Adrian Reyna, Membership Director of United We Dream and DACA beneficiary, said,

“We know that some people will shamefully use the anxiety felt by me and other immigrant youth in this moment to try to ram through their wish list of anti-immigrant policies. So it’s no surprise to learn that deals and compromises reported before today did not tell the full story of what’s happening behind closed doors.

“To be clear – the immigrant youth of United We Dream are calling for Congress to pass a clean Dream Act without anti-immigrant add-ons which would hurt our parents and community.

“While the anti-immigrant extremists have been working on their policy papers, immigrant youth from Alaska to South Carolina to California to Texas are courageously putting their lives on hold to come to Washington, tell their stories and call on Congress to pass a clean Dream Act. This is our home, we are here to stay and we aren’t backing down now.”