TX Immigrant Leaders and Allies Celebrate SB 4 Injunction & Say: The Fight for Our Dignity Continues #WithLove4TX

United We Dream Press Releases

Austin, TX – Today, on the racist SB 4 law’s implementation date, immigrant youth, mothers, educators and advocates gathered outside the Governor’s Mansion to celebrate the partial injunction on SB 4, and commit to defending the DACA program and fight for the dignity of all immigrants across the state, especially as we face the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

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Julieta Garibay, Campaigns Director and Co-Founder at United We Dream, said:

“We are glad to hear Judge Garcia say what the community has been saying for months since testifying at the Capitol — SB 4 is racist and unconstitutional. Today, we are united for our undocumented members in Houston who are grappling with Harvey, and to continue to defend DACA, a victory won by, and for, undocumented youth. We are here to stay and we protect our home.”

Jose Garza, Executive Director at Workers Defense Project, said: “The movement for immigrant and labor justice in Texas is growing. Two days ago, Judge Garcia issued a partial injunction on SB 4 and we are prepared to see the fight through to the end. Immigrants play a crucial role in our state, and make no mistake, the rebuilding in Houston will be done by immigrant labor, and we will ensure that those are fair jobs with fair wages. We will be vigilant and ready for the fight ahead.”

Sam Cervantes, DACA recipient, leader in University Leadership Initiative and member of the United We Dream UndocuTexas Campaign, said:

“When DACA came under attack and as we waited for SB 4 to take effect, my mom called me crying, saying she was sorry for ever bringing me here. This is the emotional manipulation that comes from racist politicians who choose to terrorize our families with their white supremacist agendas. Today, we say SHAME to these politicians and VICTORY to our people — we commit to continue organizing and healing so that our families and community can thrive.”

Maricela Galvan, undocumented mother of two DACA beneficiaries and part of United We Dream, said:

“Instead of lifting up the triumphs of teenagers and young people with DACA, the Trump administration is attacking them. Trump has terrorized us in many ways, including pardoning Joe Arpaio, a sheriff who took pleasure in ripping families apart. As a mother I will continue fighting for my children and our community.”

“En vez de elevar los triunfos de los jóvenes y adolescentes con DACA, la administración de Trump los acosa. Trump nos ha aterrorizados de varias maneras, incluyendo perdonando al Alguacil Joe Arpaio, un hombre que celebro el poder acosar a la comunidad inmigrante y separar familias separar las familias. Cómo madre yo sigo comprometida en defender mis hijos y nuestra comunidad.”

Bob Libal, Executive Director at Grassroots Leadership, said: “We will continue to organize to put up barriers against Trump’s deportation forces and say “ni una más,” not one more deportation. We will continue working with our City Council to push for local policies that protect Black and immigrant communities from entering the incarceration and deportation pipelines. We are a strong and united community, building solidarity with each other regardless of immigration status, gender, religious and other identities.”

Ken Zarifis, President of Education Austin, said:

“When we saw legislators pass this racist law, we were shocked and reminded of the atrocities of the Holocaust, driven by xenophobia and hate. Here we are again in a similar moment, fighting vile racists like Abbott and Paxton who perpetrate attacks against our communities. As teachers and as a union, we must do what is right, whenever we can do it, to protect each and every one of the students and families we interact with every single day.”

Greg Casar, City Council Member – District 4, said:

“We have faced challenges and disasters this week with Harvey, SB 4, and the imminent attacks against DACA, but the victory with SB 4 in the courts gives us the hope we need to continue on the road ahead. Greg Abbott does not have the real power in Texas — our communities do. We will continue to recover and build as an organized community to get through these difficult times. Today we celebrate our movement and are ready for the fight ahead.

Louis Malfaro, President of Texas American Federation of Teachers, said:

“We will not allow the fabric of Texas communities to be torn by racism and so we stand today by our allies to celebrate the court’s decision on SB 4. In America, educators talk and teach history lessons about racism and discrimination, but we’ll be damned if we’re going to repeat them. It is a fool’s errand to give our resources, time, and love to educate all children only for them to be under attack by politicians — so we will stand by our students and fight back!”

Rick Levy, Secretary-Treasurer of Texas AFL-CIO, said:

“Members of the labor movement are doing everything we can to help those who have been affected by Harvey, including those without immigration status, many of whom will bring their skills to the recovery. I am outraged by our state’s attempts to divide us through attacks on immigrants. In our vision of Texas, we do not leave people behind. We come together to help one another, and that’s what we’re going to do, in hurricanes, in good times, and in all conditions between.”



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