Congress Must Pass Clean Dream Act Before the End of the Year

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – Yesterday, news broke that Sen. Lankford (R-OK) heard from Trump that he might extend the March 5 date when all immigrant youth would be thrown to deportation agents. It is the latest in an endless string of rumors and contradictory information about the lives of immigrant youth coming from the Trump team.

Nearly every day since Trump killed DACA, young leaders from United We Dream from red and blue states have been in Washington to gather intelligence and lobby Members of Congress while rallying and advocating back home. While immigrant youth are tracking all new information, they will not be distracted.

Adrian Reyna, Director of Membership at United We Dream and DACA beneficiary said:

“Make no mistake, Congress must pass a clean Dream Act before the end of the year and next week we and our allies will hold nearly 50 Congressional recess events demanding they do just that.

“The Dream Act is bipartisan, has a long history and is supported by most of the country.

“Immigrant youth are losing their deportation protection every day and the urgency is real. Since Trump bowed to Jeff Sessions and his assistant Stephen Miller to kill DACA, young teenagers who grew up in the U.S. have been barred from applying to the DACA program, from jobs and face an uncertain future and others are seeing their protections expire.

“We take rumors from Sen. Lankford (R-OK) about Trump’s March ultimatum on immigrant youth with a grain of salt. Immigrant youth are losing their protection every day already and Congress must stop dragging their feet now.

“We will not become victims to the psychological torture of constant rumors, changing deadlines and ultimatums coming from Trump and the people around him. The solution to this problem is a clean Dream Act and it’s about time that Congress pass it.”