Immigrant Youth & Faith Leaders Visit Rep. John Culberson (R-TX), Say: Pass Clean Dream Act, 10,000 Lives On the Line in Your District

United We Dream Press Releases

Houston, TX – Late yesterday, immigrant leaders with United We Dream Houston and clergy from TX-7 met with US Rep. John Culberson to demand a clean Dream Act by December of this year. This follows Trump’s decision to kill DACA earlier this year–a program that offered safety from deportation and the ability to work for more than 800,000 undocumented youth across the country, and an estimated 124,000 young Texans.

Texans face a violent rise in raids and detention facilities, and the full implementation of racial profiling law SB 4, a law that would dramatically increase the chance of deportation and family separation for former DACA holders by turning city and campus law enforcement into immigration law enforcers and deportation agents.

US Congressman Culberson offered no timeline for a clear path forward for the more than 2 million immigrant youth who stand to benefit from a clean Dream Act nationwide.

Damaris Gonzalez, leader with United We Dream Houston, and TX-7 resident, said:

“Today I sat across from Congressman Culberson and told him that a clean Dream Act with no hateful attachments is a pathway to my future medical studies, to my ambitions, hopes and aspirations for the life I have ahead of me. Despite his ignorance on the issues, I informed him of the reality facing people like me. Culberson has yet to commit, but now he has heard the urgency of what is at stake for thousands of Texans like me who are experiencing the terror and instability that Trump created by killing DACA. I’m disappointed in Culberson but we are just getting started; he has not heard the last from immigrant youth. We will continue to turn up the heat on Culberson because Houston is our home and we are here to stay!

Julieta Garibay, co-founder and Texas Director, United We Dream, said:

It is a shame that Culberson does not have the courage to be on the right side of history. His lack of commitment to the immigrant community only shows one thing: that he is on the side of administration’s mass deportation machine. Let me be clear, United We Dream will not back down, we demand members of Congress across Texas respond to the crisis created by Trump. The lives of more than 124,000 Texans with DACA are on the line.

Rev. Jonathan Page,  First Congregational Church,  TX-7, Faith Leaders Coalition of Greater Houston, said: “The key message for Culberson here today is that this is fundamentally a moral issue. His support of a clean Dream Act is an issue of whether or not he will stand up for the people of our community, and whether he will fight against a culture of fear, and do the right thing on behalf of all Houstonians and for people in the 7th Congressional district.”