Immigrant Youth Leaders Rise Up Across Texas to Demand a Clean Dream Act in Day of National Action

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On October 4th and 5th, immigrant youth and allies from across Texas and the country took to the street demanding that Congress take action to pass a clean #DreamActNow — that means without terrorizing our communities by funding the further militarization of our borders, no mass deportations, and no funding for a wall.

Trump’s inhumane decision to kill DACA leaves over 124,000 Texas immigrant youth, and 800,000 across the country facing deportations, detention and separation from their families.

October 5 was the day Trump slammed the door in the face of thousands — shutting the door on DACA renewal applications forever. That is why immigrants across the US and Texas, from El Paso to Houston and San Antonio to Dallas took action to demand a clean Dream Act NOW.

Teams gathered over I-69 and at Memorial City Mall in Houston in front of hundreds of morning commuters to hold Congress accountable for the responsibility and morality they must uphold by passing a clean Dream Act

Dozens of immigrant youth and allies joined United We Dream Houston at the office of John Cornyn to meet with his staff and drive home the urgency of a clean Dream Act for our community.

Damaris Gonzalez, DACA beneficiary, United We Dream Houston leader, and Houston, TX-7 resident, said: “Over these past two days, visiting the office of elected officials we have heard from staff who have not been prepared to face us in real terms or offer a clear position on the issues that affect our lives. It is up to the undocumented community to come out, show up, and look politicians like Culberson and Cornyn in the eyes. They have a track record of working against our people, and they need to know that their decisions cannot deny our humanity. We will not allow Congress to play political games with our lives or the lives of our families by attempting to pass the Dream Act with border militarization, mass deportations, or funding for a wall. We are strong, we are organized, and we will not be back down!”


In Dallas, members of Mavericks United took to Senator Cornyn’s district office to demand he act in the interest of Texas immigrant youth.

Linda Rivas, DACA beneficiary, student at UT-Arlington, leader with Mavericks United, and Dallas resident, said: “As a student in the city of Arlington, me and my peers vow to continue our fight for the dignity of humans. We will not rest until all lives are treated equally, with respect, and not valued solely for their economic merit. Arlington students will not stand by while our students and their families are living under attack. Today, we call on Senator Cornyn to do what his constituents are asking him: Support a clean Dream Act that will not further the anti-family, anti-humanist agenda of Trump!”


In San Antonio, members of Texas Organizing Project held a rally outside the district office of Rep. Hurd to demand he come out in support of a clean Dream Act.

Jessica Azua, DACA recipient and state immigration organizer for Texas Organizing Project Leader and San Antonio resident, said: “Immigrant youth and their families shouldn’t have to deal with the uncertainty of whether they will be here for their loved ones in the coming months. Our elected officials, like Congressman Will Hurd, need to step up, lead, and support a clean Dream Act. There’s no time to waste. Hundreds of thousands of young people are counting on him to do the right thing.”

Leaders from Soñando Juntos in El Paso met with the Socorro office of Rep. Hurd to remind him he should expect us for as long as it takes for him to support a clean Dream Act.

Claudia Yoli, DACA beneficiary, leader with Soñando Juntos, and El Paso resident, said: “Today, four DACA benefitting youth members of Soñando Juntos visited the District office of Congressman Will Hurd to share our stories, advocate for a clean Dream Act, and show our concerns about further border militarization. It’s imperative for Congressman Will Hurd, a representative from the border region, to support the protection of immigrants from deportation and provide us with a legal pathway to citizenship. Immigrants are integral parts of our communities and we provide tremendous benefits to our economy. Even after our meeting today. We urge Congress to take action and to protect the rights of the immigrant community.”


Karen Reyes, teacher, DACA beneficiary, leader with United We Dream Austin and Education Austin, Austin resident, said: “Today I shared in Rep. McCaul’s district, a district where I teach and where the students I teach reside, the urgent importance of a clean Dream Act. I am able to teach and guide the children of my district because of DACA, however, next school year, that may not be the case unless Congress passes a clean Dream Act. Thousands of people like me across Texas and the rest of the country have depended on DACA to work and provide for the people we love. Rep. McCaul has repeatedly pushed anti-immigrant legislation that would destabilize and force terror on Texas communities, especially along the border. It is clear that Rep. McCaul does not care about people like me or my family who live in his district and across Texas. The rest of Congress has a choice to make and the morality of this moment is staring them in the face, and we are not going anywhere. We are here to stay.”

And in Austin, we called out Rep McCaul for his anti-immigrant hate and the need for a clean #DreamActNow

Julieta Garibay, Texas Director and co-founder, United We Dream, said: “Immigrant youth are standing up and saying in no uncertain terms that this is our home and we are here to stay. Today was about the power of our movement to mobilize across the country for a clean Dream Act. In 2012, the immigrant rights movement was told that winning protections for youth was impossible, but we organized, we demanded, and we won DACA. Winning a clean Dream Act is possible and is realistic, the moment is ripe for us to continue organizing and demand it. This means making calls, visiting offices, making our voices heard and taking the streets. From El Paso to Houston, Austin to Dallas, immigrant youth are mobilized, Congress members and senators must respond to their constituents who are mobilized. We will not back down. Texas is our home and we are here to stay!”

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