President Jeff Sessions Releases Immigration Ransom Note

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC – Tonight, the White House released an anti-immigrant ransom note to be paid in order to release immigrant youth from mass deportation.

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Advocacy Director at United We Dream and DACA beneficiary said:

“Holding immigrant youth like my sister and I hostage unless the rest of the country buys into a racist mass deportation agenda is immoral and disgusting.

“Again and again, it’s clear that when it comes to immigration, any common sense that might come out of the White House gets crushed by the real man in charge: Jeff Sessions and his loyal staffer Stephen Miller.

“Tonight’s list is an attempt to bring the rest of the White House back in line with their sick worldview.

“The immigrant  youth of United We Dream are calling for a clean Dream Act because we know we are in a life and death situation. It is a bipartisan bill with the support of the American people, a long history and it would pass tomorrow if Republican leaders allow it to get a vote. Democrats and all those who support immigrants must hold firm to their values and not fall for Sessions’ games because his games kill people.

“Every day since Trump killed DACA, immigrant youth have been on Capitol Hill courageously sharing our stories and building momentum for a clean Dream Act and we are just getting started. We are here to stay will continue to fight for what is right.”