Sen. Kamala Harris Says Her Vote on Key Spending Bill Hinges on Protecting Immigrant Youth

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC  –  Today, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said that she would withhold her vote on a key spending bill unless Congress protects immigrant youth.

Harris said: “I will not vote for an end-of-year spending bill until we are clear about what we are going to do to protect and take care of our DACA young people in this country,” Harris said. “Each day in the life of these young people is a very long time, and we’ve got to stop playing politics with their lives.”

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Advocacy Director for United We Dream and DACA beneficiary, offered this reaction:

“Senator Harris is right, every day that Congress drags their feet is another day that immigrant youth lose their protection from deportation and we need champions in Congress to step up like Sen. Kamala Harris has done.

“Members of Congress cannot sit back and wait for the legislative process to unfold – this is a time to lead the way on passing a clean Dream Act before the holidays.”