Undocumented Mothers and Immigrant Youth Scrub the Dream Act “Clean” to Oppose White House Enforcement Priorities!

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Miami, FL – Today, during rush hour, undocumented mothers and immigrant youth took over the space in front of the Stephen P. Clark Government Center with giant letters spelling out “Dream Act” and wiped it “clean” from enforcement & deportation add-ons.

A month after the termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Senator Marco Rubio has yet to publicly come out as a co-sponsor of a clean Dream Act. Meanwhile, the White House has released a ransom note of enforcement priorities created by white supremacist advisor Stephen Miller to block a bipartisan and clean solution to DACA’s termination.

Immigrant mothers have visited Sen. Rubio’s office in previous weeks, and the community returns to send a clear message to Sen. Rubio: co-sponsor a clean Dream Act now!

You can find a livestream of the action here and pictures here, here, and here.

Julio Calderon, Organizer at Florida Immigrant Coalition, said:

“The fight for a Dream Act is the most important fight of our lives because it would finally allow us to stay in the U.S. permanently and without the fear of being deported from our homes. We expect Senator Rubio to represent us because every day that he’s quiet, he is showing Florida that he sides with the Republicans who want to drive forward dangerous white supremacist policies. Senator Rubio must co-sponsor a clean Dream Act now!”

Yaquelin Lopez, undocumented worker and mother of a DACA recipient, said/dijo:

“Es necesario que el Senador Rubio haga su parte en pasar un Dream Act limpio porque la terminación de DACA está afectando 800,000 jóvenes inmigrantes que si son Americanos, jóvenes que son el futuro del país. Estamos “limpiando” el Dream Act de la rhetorica odiosa y las políticas de terror. Como mamás y papás le queremos demostrar al mundo que vamos a ser todo lo posible para exigir un Dream Act limpio, y que lo queremos ahora mismo.”

“It’s necessary that Senator Rubio do his part in passing a clean Dream Act because the termination of DACA is affecting 800,000 immigrant youth who are American, young people who are the future of this country. We are “cleaning” the Dream Act of hateful rhetoric and the politics of terror. As mothers and fathers we want to show the world that we will do everything we can to demand a clean Dream Act, and we want it now!”

Monica Lazaro,
 DACA recipient, said:

“When the Trump administration killed the DACA program, they put the lives and ambitions of immigrant youth and our families in jeopardy. With a clean Dream Act, I’ll be able to keep my research coordinator position at the hospital where I currently work and continue with my plan of saving money so that I can enroll in a Masters program of Public Health in Epidemiology. Senator Rubio and all Members of Congress must take the moral path of co-sponsoring a clean Dream Act in order to protect millions of immigrant youth who want to contribute to the only community they know.”

You can find out more about Florida Immigrant Coalition and Students Working for Equal Rights at www.floridaimmigrant.org