After Trump Meeting With Senators, Immigrant Youth Say: “We Need a Clean Dream Act NOW”

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC –  Today, a group of Republican Senators met with Donald Trump at the White House on the issue of immigrant youth. Reports following the meeting reveal that some Senators advocated the Succeed Act or other Republican-only solutions in addition to increases in enforcement as the price to be paid to secure the freedom of immigrant youth put in danger because of Trump’s decision to kill the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA).

Outside of the White House, young people with United We Dream joined others from Church World Service, CASA and more from across the country to call for a clean Dream Act this year.

Greisa Martinez Rosas, Advocacy Director of United We Dream and potential Dream Act beneficiary said:

“Reports from today’s meeting between Trump and Senators are that some want to drag their feet rather than solve this crisis.  That it is not acceptable – we need a clean Dream Act now. Every day we wait, more and more immigrant youth lose their protection from deportation.

“This is not the time for politics – the Dream Act is a bipartisan bill with a long history of support. We need it now, the American people support it and members of both parties must ensure that it gets done this year.”

Deyanaira Aldana, a young woman from New Jersey who would qualify for the Dream Act, spoke with Senators Graham (SC), Cotton (AR) and Perdue (GA) outside of their White House meeting. She said:

“I wanted the Senators to hear from immigrant youth directly. A group of United We Dream members and I went up to them and said that we were undocumented, would qualify for the Dream Act and that we needed it passed without dangerous enforcement provisions. Senator Graham said that anything was possible and I told them that we were fighting.”