All Eyes on Noon Democratic Caucus Meeting Today As Senators Decide Whether to Keep Their Word on the Dream Act

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Democratic Senators Anguish Over Using Their Leverage to Pass the Dream Act This Year as 1,500 Immigrant Youth Travel to Washington for Office Sit-Ins and Protests.

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Washington, DC – Today, the Senate Democratic Caucus will meet at noon to decide whether or not to use their leverage to pass the Dream Act as party leaders had promised to do earlier this year.

1,500 immigrant youth have put their lives on hold and have exposed themselves to dangers to travel to Washington, DC to fight for their right to exist in this country. Today, activists will visit 35 congressional offices and stage protests to pass the Dream Act as part of a weeklong escalation. See here for video of sit-ins and other protest actions or follow us at #DreamActNow.

Adrian Reyna, membership director of United We Dream and potential Dream Act beneficiary said:

“The question for Democrats is whether they are an opposition force to the white supremacist agenda of if they are enablers. The Democratic party stands at a moral crossroads – if they vote for a year-end spending bill without the Dream Act they will be voting to deport immigrant youth.

“The top Democrats – Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi committed to using their leverage to protect immigrant youth and they are now waffling. We can’t wait for the Dream Act because immigrant youth are being taken to detention camps now, 850 of us are losing protections every week and millions of us are in danger.

“Yesterday, our leaders did sit-ins at 10 congressional offices and today we will visit 35 of them. 1,500 immigrant youth are here from Montana, North Dakota, California, Texas, New York and everywhere in between. We are fighting for our right to exist and the Democrats are debating whether or not to put some real skin in the game.”