Immigrant Youth on New SECURE Act: No.

United We Dream Press Releases

Washington, DC –  Today, news broke that a group of Republican senators introduced trojan horse legislation filled with anti-immigrant policies and offering temporary protection for those now covered by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with no pathway to citizenship.

By contrast, the Dream Act would create a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrant youth, is bipartisan and has widespread support.

Called the “SECURE Act,” the bill would increase deportation agents, border patrol agents, immigration judges, make immigrants fear local police, increase racial profiling and throw immigrants out of their jobs and undermines family immigration policies.

Adrian Reyna, Membership Director for United We Dream and potential beneficiary of the Dream Act said:

“The SECURE Act is no solution for immigrant youth, it is a white supremacist trojan horse filled with anti-immigrant policies.

“Just weeks ago, deportation agents dragged a 10-year-old Texas girl from her hospital to a detention camp. Her name is Rosa Maria, she would be protected by the Dream Act and left out of the SECURE Act. The bill would result in mass deportation and mass terror – coming after most immigrant youth, our parents, families and friends.

“My sisters, United We Dream members and I need and deserve the pathway to citizenship in the Dream Act this year. Already, more than 11,000 people have lost DACA and 122 more people become vulnerable to Trump’s deportation agents every day.”

“It is time for the Dream Act, not these cynical congressional games.”