A Judge Blocked Trump’s Decision to End DACA. Here’s What You Need To Know.

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Last night a federal court in California blocked the Trump Administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This is a temporary decision, but it demonstrates what we have always known: immigrant youth need permanent relief from detention and deportation now. That solution is the Dream Act and it must be passed by January 19th.

1) This Decision is a Triumph for our Freedom Fighters.

This decision is a triumph for our freedom fighters: the American courts and the American public agree: protecting immigrant youth is urgent. The momentum and support are on our side - on January 19th, we have another chance to ensure Congress passes a solution for millions of undocumented youth.

2) Decision is Only Temporary and not Final.

This decision is only temporary and not a final decision. The Trump administration is expected to challenge the court’s decision and appeal this decision soon.

3) The Judge Ordered the Trump Administration to Resume Accepting DACA Renewals ONLY.

The judge has ordered the administration to resume accepting DACA renewal applications from anyone previously covered by the program. However, our recommendation is for people not to submit a DACA renewal application until USCIS announces a process. This recommendation is subject to change as we learn more.

4) First-time DACA Applications will not be Accepted.

This injunction does not require the Trump administration to accept any new DACA applications at this time. If you do not have DACA and are eligible for the program, we do not recommend applying at this time.

5) A Permanent Solution is Still Urgent.

Undocumented youth, their families, and our country still need a permanent solution. The Trump Administration eliminated DACA and it is responsible for addressing this crisis. We can’t wait any longer. Regardless of the court’s decision, Congress must pass the Dream Act by January 19th. Text DreamActNow to 877-877 right now to keep up the fight!