Trump’s Mass Deportation Plan Fails As He Kills Bipartisan Progress on Immigration. Again.

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Congress Must Work Past Trump’s Games and We Will Not Stop Fighting Until Immigrant Youth and Families Are Safe

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Washington, DC – Today, by a margin of 39/60, the Trump immigration plan failed in the U.S. Senate while bipartisan measures to protect immigrant youth were rejected by most Republicans after Trump worked to kill them.

Cristina Jimenez, Executive Director and co-founder of United We Dream said:

“Today’s Senate vote makes clear that Trump’s racist mass deportation plan has zero mandate for becoming law. The only thing Trump succeeded in doing today was killing bipartisan work.

“Congress clearly must ignore Trump’s games because he’s played them over and over again to the same result. Immigrant youth remain in grave danger because Trump killed DACA.

“Millions of us have no protection at all today and Trump has decreed that on March 5th, the rest of us will become vulnerable.

“This is why every person of conscience must rise up to demand a change in the law to stop him from deporting us. It is time for leaders in Washington to fix the crisis created by Trump and protect immigrant youth without persecuting our families.

“A breakthrough is possible and we will not stop fighting until immigrant youth and families are safe.”


United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, a powerful network made up of over 400,000 members and 48 affiliate organizations across 26 states. UWD’s vision is to build a multi-racial, multi-ethnic movement of young people who organize and advocate at the local and national levels for the dignity and justice of immigrants and communities of color in the United States.