3 things to know about #WhereAreTheChildren

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Hundreds of children and families everywhere are victims to Trump’s deportation force: ICE and CBP. They are responsible for the deportation and separation of thousands of families everyday.

The hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren gained attention after a recent report showed nearly 1,500 unaccompanied children are unaccounted for*. However, many of these kids may be with families seeking to stay together and not be torn apart by Trump’s deportation force.

As thousands of people are uniting under the hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren and demanding answers, we must further expose Trump’s deportation force and demand that Congress defund ICE and CBP. Here’s what you should know:

1. Our people are being intentionally torn away from their parents by ICE and CBP.

It’s official U.S. policy now to separate families. As of May 2018, DHS & DOJ have been ordered by Jeff Sessions and this administration to tear children away from their loved ones when they arrive at the border. In the first 13 days of the policy, 658 kids alone were separated.

2. Our people are being KILLED & abused in detention at the hands of ICE & CBP agents.

Claudia Gonzalez, a young woman was shot and murdered by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent. This isn’t an isolated incident, in a new report by the ACLU, children describe "being stomped on, punched, kicked, run over with vehicles, tased, and forced to maintain stress positions by CBP officials.”

3. Our people are losing protections, being incarcerated and deported by ICE and CBP agents.

Yes, ICE and CBP are ripping children from their mothers’ arms at the border. And DACA recipients like Edder Sanchez and Miguel Reyes have also been targeted by ICE and taken away from their families. Parents are being raided at their workplaces and taken away from their children. Others, once protected by TPS, are now are having to decide whether to leave their children behind or take them to dangerous countries.

Immigrant children and parents have become victims in Trump’s America. To solve this crisis, Congress must defund these agencies and stop the separation of families, and end deportations of our communities.

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* While it is true that these children are unaccounted for, most may be with family who want to protect these children by not reporting their whereabouts. In fact, we do not want immigration authorities to use them as an excuse to separate more families, or to keep more children and youth in detention. Instead, we must call for the defunding of ICE & CBP.