NMDT: Trump’s Executive Order Ending Family Separations at the Border Does Not Stop Inhumane Deportations

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The Latest Order Does Not End the “Zero Tolerance” Policy; Immigrant Families Seeking Asylum Will Continue to Be Caged Indefinitely and Their Children May Now Face the Same

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Albuquerque, NM & Washington, D.C. – Today, Donald Trump signed an executive order putting an end to family separations at the southern border but does not end the “zero tolerance” policy that enables the mass incarceration of families crossing the border – even those seeking asylum.

So far, close to 2,000 immigrant children seeking asylum have been separated from their parents since the “zero-tolerance” policy was first announced by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session early April. The caging of families indefinitely, while facing criminal prosecution, constitutes a humanitarian crisis that must be brought to a halt.

The move comes after a constant demand and outrage from the public, faith communities, and immigrants’ rights organization who called the separation of children from their parents cruel, inhumane, and immoral.

Gabriela Hernandez, DACA beneficiary, executive director of NM Dream Team, said,

“If we have learned anything from these situations is that again and again Donald Trump continues to lie to the American public. He constantly blamed and deflected any responsibility from the separation of families that he caused by saying only Congress could stop a crisis he and the Dept. of Justice created.

“The truth remains that this executive order does not put an end to the incarceration of asylum seekers at the border. Now we face the possibility of children being held with their families in detention camps — indefinitely — all because they fled violence and poverty, much of which is caused by the long history of U.S. interventions in all of Central and South America.

“We continue to call on Congress to oppose any legislation that would grow this deportation force and to defund ICE and CBP.”.

Johana Saenz, border resident, immigrant single mom from Las Cruces, NM and deportation defense leader with the NM Dream Team, said:

As a border resident and single mother of three children, I experience the fear provoked by the constant presence of ICE & CBP in our communities, who we also know have a long history of abuse, violence and impunity against our families and loved ones.

“Ending family separation continues to represent only the tip of the iceberg which is the mass hunting and persecution of immigrant families nationwide carried out by the federal government through the out of control agencies, ICE and CBP.

“As Congress considers a vote on two dangerous anti-immigrant proposals which they have masked with the name of “DACA fix”, we demand our Congress Members oppose any legislation that further militarizes my border community or adds funding for the agencies carrying out atrocities against immigrant youth and families.

“At the border and across the country we say ENOUGH! Let’s bring an end to immigrant detention and to the profiting off of suffering families. Sign our petition today and let’s make sure to defund these two agencies: unitedwedream.org/defund


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