UWD FL: Trump’s Executive Order “Ending Family Separations” Will Not Free Families From Detention Camps

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The Latest Order Does Not End Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” Policy; Immigrant Youth Oppose Sen. Rubio’s Statement That Families Must Be “Detained & Maintained”

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Miami, FL & Washington, D.C. – Today, Donald Trump signed an executive order which will result in entire families being locked up at the border. The order does not change his “zero tolerance” policy, which wrongly labels people fleeing violence and poverty as criminals, or his mass deportation agenda, which has unleashed deportation agents to target our communities everywhere.So far, close to 2,000 immigrant children seeking asylum have been separated from their parents since the “zero-tolerance” policy was first announced by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session in early April.

Prior to Trump’s signing of the executive order, Marco Rubio tweeted out that ICE and CBP should “#DetainandMaintain families together.”

Ricardo Campos, Florida Director with United We Dream, said:

“Trump’s refusal to get rid of his “zero tolerance” policy shows us that his executive order today was nothing but a cover up for what will be the continued indefinite detention of families seeking asylum.

“The image of families being torn apart — whether at the southern border, on a Greyhound bus, or at the Miramar ICE facility — and then tossed into a detention camp, is burned into our national memory. We cannot let this continue.

“We need freedom for immigrants. We need Congress to stop the growing deportation force and defund ICE and CBP.”

Maria Bilbao, Florida Organizer with United We Dream, and member of the Miramar Circle of Protection, said:

“Senator Rubio’s disturbing statement that families should be “maintained and detained” tells us clear as day that he does not see a mother, a father or a child behind the bars of a detention camp. He sees animals.

“The Central and South American families arriving at the border are asylum seekers, the vast majority fleeing violence and poverty caused by U.S. intervention. But Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy erases any hope of dignity. All people of faith and principle must rise up to protect our communities and put a stop to ICE and CBP in our neighborhoods.”


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