DACA in the Courts Timeline

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District of Columbia Court

A court in Washington, DC had previously set a 90-day deadline for the government to respond to the DC court about its decision to end DACA. That deadline has now been extended indefinitely until there is another order from that court, and we do not know when the court will rule.

Texas Court

A court in Texas will hear the state’s request for an injunction blocking DACA on August 8, 2018. Although it is unlikely, there is a slim possibility that the Texas court would issue a ruling that same day. It is more likely that we’ll hear the court’s decision after August 8.

What we do know

– The current state of DACA renewals does not change until the government issues an announcement saying otherwise.

– You can still renew your DACA and if it expires before 2020, we recommend that you apply to renew now! For more information, financial support, and updates, go to renewmydaca.com!

– The government is set on moving DACA as fast as possible to the Supreme Court – due to the Supreme Court’s conservative leaning and Trump’s anti-immigrant Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, a Supreme Court decision on DACA does not look good.