DACA In the Courts Update – August 31, 2018

United We Dream DACA

Judge Hanen in Texas REJECTED a preliminary injunction on #DACA today. YAY! This is a good sign for DACA recipients but we are not out of the woods yet. In simpler terms if you have DACA, you can still renew!


1. DACA Renewals are still open: First the good news, Judge Hanen’s rejection of Texas’ request means that Texas lost and DACA renewals are still in place. You should apply to renew your DACA now, if it expires before 2020.

2. The fight is not over: In his decision, Judge Hanen confirmed that he thinks DACA is unlawful. This is no surprise since he was the one that killed DAPA/DACA+. This means Texas has 21 days to appeals Hanen’s decision. We’ve yet to see how Texas will respond. Stay tuned for updates on anything that could impact you!

3. New applications are NOT being accepted at this moment, and no one knows for sure whether they will be accepted in the future.

4. DACA recipients urgently need your help to renew. Support those who can’t afford the $495 renewal fee. Donate at www.dacarenewalfund.com

5. We’ve got your back. Our communities are #HeretoStay and we will keep on organizing to protect one another. Check out renewmydaca.com for everything you need to know about DACA renewals.