Top 5 Things You Need to Know About DACA Right Now

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1. Today the Supreme Court decided not to take up the DACA case this term.

The Supreme Court will not decide on the future of DACA during this term of hearings. The Supreme Court will meet again February 15 to decide which cases it will hear in the fall and we will keep you updated on whether or not DACA will be considered.

2. DACA renewals are still open.

We recommend that you apply to renew your DACA now. Visit for steps on how to apply for your renewal and for financial support.

3. New applications are still NOT being accepted at this moment, and advance parole is NOT available.

No one knows for sure whether either will be accepted in the future.

4. Donate to help pay for DACA renewal fees.

Contribute and help immigrant youth stay protected We can’t let the ability to pay determine whether someone is protected. Go to to donate!

5. Congress myst pass clean, permanent protections and defund ICE and CBP!

Trump ended DACA and worked with Republicans to sabotage a clean Dream Act while also demanding billions of dollars to deport immigrants and strengthen ICE and CBP. We mobilized our communities in 2018 to elect a new Congress that would reject Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. Now Congress must act to pass clean, permanent protections for our communities and defund the Deportation Force!