Trump To Put the Bully in Bully Pulpit

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Sheridan Aguirre | | 202.793.2267

Washington, DC – Tonight, Trump is set to deliver an Oval Office speech about his shutdown demands for a Monument to Racism and mass deportation.

Cristina Jiménez, Executive Director and Co-Founder of United We Dream, said the following in anticipation of the remarks:

“Tonight, Trump is using the bully pulpit to bully the American people into giving him billions more to live out his racist fantasy.

“He wants taxpayers to build a Monument to Racism in his name, even more cash for his deportation force and a whole host of policy changes to make the life of families like mine more difficult and uncertain. Most Americans disagree with Trump and the new Congressional majority is standing up for them.

“The fight to stop mass deportation is real and the new Congress must hold the line in Washington as immigrant youth, our families fight to stop deportations in places like the Hudson Valley, NY, Miramar, FL and Tornillo, TX.  

“Trump must not be given his Monument to Racism and the billions of dollars he will use to hunt down families like mine. It is time to stop shoveling money into the deportation force and instead defund them and pass legislation to provide permanent protections and citizenship.”


United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation, a powerful network made up of over 500,000 members, five branches with over 100 affiliate organizations across 28 states. UWD’s vision is to build a multi-racial, multi-ethnic movement of young people who organize and advocate at the local and national levels for the dignity and justice of immigrants and communities of color in the United States.

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