Immigrant Youth: This Funding Bill Means Detention, Deportation and Death for Immigrants

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

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Bruna Bouhid | | 202-850-0812

“Immigrant youth of United We Dream unapologetically urge members of Congress who have told us that they stand with us and with all the immigrant families who are at risk  under Trump’s mass deportation agenda to vote no on the DHS funding bill. This bill gives ICE and CBP billions more money to put our community behind bars.

We stand with federals workers across the country who were used as scapegoats for 35 days so that Trump could get his wall and money for his deportation force. However, this bill is not the answer. Democratic leadership succumbed to Trump’s bullying and in doing so our communities are in more danger and will face more pain.

There is another way forward: we must defund the deportation force and create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people, and we will continue to mobilize our community so that we can carry out this vision with real, progressive champions at all levels of government.”