The Truth About ICE and CBP

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A Comprehensive Analysis of the Devastating Human Impact of the Deportation Force By The Immigrant Youth & Families Who Know It Best

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Dany Vargas
and Manuel Zhinin
and Miguel Reyes
and Elvia Mendez
and Daniel Ramirez Medina
and Claudia Gomez
and Jakelin Caal

These are the names of only a handful of the immigrant youth, mothers, fathers and children who have been targeted by deportation agents and held in detention camps in the last two years. Let’s not mince words: Trump is hellbent on deporting each and every one of us and wants more dollars and more power for the deportation force in order to accomplish his plans.

But we’re fighting back — and we’re telling Congress to defund now! United We Dream is proud to announce the release of The Truth About ICE & CBP, the most comprehensive report of its kind, telling the story of the human impact and uncontrolled growth and power of the nation’s deportation force under Trump, while also providing the policy rationale for Congress to dismantle ICE and CBP and enact legislation to turn their targets into citizens.

Created by immigrant youth, it includes data tracking from our MigraWatch hotline that show the patterns and practices of deportation agents and an analyses of hundreds of first hand accounts. The report also includes concrete policy recommendations for Congress, federal agencies, local governments, advocates and even the next President of the United States.

Learn the truth. Fight back. Defund. Defend.

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‘The truth will set you free — but first it’ll piss you off.’

Between 2003 to 2018, ICE spending grew by 85 percent, from $3.3 billion to $7.4 billion. ICE chronically misleads appropriators; engages in fiscal mismanagement; and ignores attempts at congressional oversight. In their annual budget requests, ICE falsely claims additional needs alleging rising immigrant populations in their custody. Similarly, funding for CBP experienced dramatic growth, from $5.9 billion in 2003 to $16.3 billion in 2018, with the number of border agents doubling from FY 2003 to FY 2016. The colossal rise of funding for CBP steadily transformed southern border communities into a heavily militarized southern border. Besides artificially inflating operational needs, ICE routinely functions as an agency exempt from congressional oversight; and operates as though taxpayers wrote the agency a blank check. ICE routinely overspends its budget for enforcement and detention, then pleads with Congress to financially bail out the agency.

…and Manuel Arpi
and Edder Rizo
and Jorge Sarango
and Cristobal Paute
and Eduardo Samaniego
and Roxsana Hernandez
and She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph

This week in Washington, D.C., Jefferson Arpi shared the story of his father Manuel Armando Arpi who has been locked up in a detention camp in Alabama since November 2017.


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