Two More Reasons to Defund ICE & CBP

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With less than two weeks before Congress must agree on funding to keep the government open, United We Dream presents two more stories and reasons why Congress must reject Trump’s wall and defund ICE and CBP.

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#1 – Eduardo Samaniego, forced to self-deport because of inhumane conditions in detention

Photo credit: Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Eduardo Samaniego is a nationally recognized immigrant rights activist from Massachusetts who entered the deportation pipeline as a result of failing to pay cab fare because he forgot his wallet. Eduardo endured over a 100 days in a South Carolina detention camp and suffered from deteriorating physical and mental health. Ultimately, Eduardo was forced to sign a deportation option known as “voluntary departure” — his only method of freedom from the conditions he faced in detention.

Eduardo Samaniego, in an excerpt from a statement written in ICE detention, said:

“For many years I have advocated for the civil rights of the most vulnerable in our country, I have experienced the shortcomings and inhumanities of our immigration system in mind, body and spirit, but I sincerely never imagined the extent of the inhumanities committed against immigrants in our prison industrial complex.

“This prison industrial complex has robbed me of my physical health, it has violently damaged my fighting spirit, and it continues to open my mind to see too many inhumanities.”

Caroline Murray, mentor to Eduardo and organizer with the Eduardo Support Network, said:

“ICE, under fire for targeting activists, has fast-tracked Eduardo’s departure. The suffering he has endured in detention has made “voluntary departure” — a form of deportation — the seemingly only route to freedom.”



#2 – Dany Vargas, stalked, detained & harassed after speaking up about a raid at her home

Photo Credit: Rogelio V. Solis/Associated Press

Dany Vargas is a DACA recipient who, in 2017, was stalked by ICE agents in Jackson, Miss. after speaking up at a press conference about her home being raided and her father detained. Although she was temporarily out-of-status at the time of her arrest, she had a DACA renewal pending. She was locked up in a Louisiana detention camp and her story drew attention to ICE’s targeted attacks on activists and those who speak up about their abuse. After being freed from detention, she remained under ICE supervision, constantly surveilled and harrassed by agents until she moved to Washington, D.C. for school. Dany recently gained a U-Visa.



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