Three More Reasons to Defund ICE & CBP

Sadie Hernandez Press Releases

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As Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick continue to express support for our state to lead on the construction of a border wall, United We Dream presents three more reasons why Texas Members of Congress should shut down detention centers in our state and defund ICE and CBP.

#1 – Griselda Cruz Lopez

Griselda is a mother from El Salvador who is a survivor of domestic violence and she sought asylum in the United States. Her abuser used her status as a weapon and reported her to ICE. She is currently being held at the Laredo Detention Center. While in custody, she experienced further physical abuse from officers that resulted in severe head trauma. For over a year, she has been advocating for herself and asking for medical treatment, but has only been met with legal threats from ICE agents. She is seeking freedom from detention so that she can save her daughter, who is currently in the custody of the man who abused her. Griselda is weeks away from a final decision on her immigration appeal, however, ICE agents have been threatening that if she continues to advocate for medical treatment and freedom for herself it may “subject [her] to criminal prosecution.”

MORE INFORMATION: Grassroots Leadership currently has a petition circulating for her release. A community gathering is being held for Griselda in Laredo on Thursday March 7.

#2 – Juan Rubio

Juan Rubio is a construction worker and a father of four young children in Houston, Texas. On February 19th, was under the impression that he was going to buy equipment from the app “OfferUp.” When he went to meet the person who he thought was the seller, he was met by officers from the Houston Police Department and was arrested under accusations of purchasing stolen property, without an investigation. His family’s attorney called United We Dream. The community took action by calling the Harris County Sheriff and were able to defer Mr. Rubio from being turned over to the custody of ICE agents.

#3 – Ramon Perdomo In April 2018, Ramon Perdomo was arrested in Houston, Texas, and was immediately put in ICE detention. Mr. Perdomo has cancer and got very sick while in detention. At first, ICE agents denied him treatment but later transported Mr. Perdomo to a hospital. While at the hospital, ICE agents chained him to the bed and did not allow hospital employees to treat him. Eventually, ICE agents relented and released him while he was at the hospital because they believed this situation to be too much of a burden for them. While he was in the hands of ICE, Mr. Perdomo missed his criminal court hearing. Later, in January 2019, Mr. Perdomo was pulled over by the Houston Police Department and arrested because of his missed criminal court hearing. The painful story of abuse that Mr. Perdomo endured moved the community to take action by driving calls to the Harris County Jail to win his release ###


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