52,000 People in ICE Detention Camps; Congress Must Defund The Deportation Force Now

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Washington, D.C. – Today, top Congressional leadership and White House officials met to discuss budget caps and spending priorities. Trump is expected to continue his demands for additional 2019 funding for the detention and deportation force along with increases to DHS’s 2020 budget.

Just yesterday, news broke that Trump’s Deportation Force has detained over 52,000 people and surpassed the current budget that Congress has authorized.

Sanaa Abrar, Advocacy Director of United We Dream said:

“With over 52,000 people currently held in detention camps, the Deportation Force has already bulldozed through the bloated budget given to them by Congress, and yet Trump wants even more money to fund Stephen Miller’s nativist plans to drive our communities out.  

Not a single penny more must be tacked onto the cash pile that the Deportation Force is using to detain and deport our families.

Already five minors have died in CBP custody while fathers like Walter Gozzer in Miami and Edgar Vasquez in Chattanooga have been imprisoned by ICE in detention camps and separated from their families.

The path forward for Congress is clear: defund the Deportation Force and pass permanent protections for the communities that Trump has targeted.”


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